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Essence of Caribbean

Festiv’arts Caribéen is a festival organized by the Non-profit C.E.A.C. (Comité d’Exposition sur les Arts et la Culture Caribéenne) that brings people together from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on hosting a festival that promotes unity, openness, passion, and joy.  Festiv’arts Caribéen has continuously highlighted and through the essence of Caribbean culture through arts, music, gastronomy, and performances. We aim to promote and energize Caribbean culture in all its diversity by highlighting the works and talent of Afro-descendant artists, particularly from the Caribbean islands. With more than 5000 attendees throughout the 3-day festival, Festiv’arts Caribéen is open to the general public ranging in age and welcoming to tourists travelling from far and wide. C.E.A.C.C (Comité d’Exposition sur les Arts et la Culture Caribéenne)


Diversity Through Arts

In hope to support local artists, we provide kiosks available to exhibitors looking to display their alluring creations. The exhibitions of art displayed vary widely such as paintings of artists, sculptor work and other derivative products such as merchandise available for purchase from attendees, all aimed to support the work of our many talented Caribbean artists. Festiv’arts Caribéen main goal and mission is to bridge the gap and bring unity between the beautiful facets of Caribbean culture and diverse people of the world looking to embrace and partake in Living together through the Arts.